Strategic Testing and Web Optimisation Consultant

SIBET – Soft Issues Business Evaluation Tool

It all started with being seconded to UK MoD as one of only 4 industry defence representatives to audit the 'fairness' of a new search engine intended for use by the Defence Procurement Executive for use in analysing the growing number of bids being received in part due to the opening up of EU and world markets to competition.

Little did I know that after completing that secondment that I would be in high demand with my employer organisation BAE Systems as THE expert on how to ‘beat’ the software using never used before bid optimisation techniques.

That combined with a background interest in mathematics and algorithms I went on to take a keen interest in search engines in general for use in gathering bid data and information prior to bid compilation.

After leaving BAE in 1998 I went on to work for several multinational defence contractors in both the UK and US assisting them compile and optimise their bids prior to presentation to UK MoD as part of its Smart Procurement Initiative.

If you require help in compiling a bid and deployment of search engine technology to gather the appropriate information or, help in optimisation of a bid or proposal to 'beat' SIBET or a similar tool then please get in touch.