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Taguchi and Multivariate Testing

Taguchi Consultants in the making - 1989

Taguchi is a form of statistical analysis which when applied to multivariate testing allows multiple variables to experimented with at any one time.

This then allows complex experiments to be operated? and yet not lose the focus on the core variables through complex statistics.?

In the age of the internet and optimisation of websites this method of testing is highly appropriate for the testing web pages from entry and navigation through to on-page influences in the purchase.

Taguchi extract from the book by Carl Spencer

In fact what might seem a simple web page can become quite a highly complex topic for an experiment with many factors coming into play and for most sites operating a Taguchi experiment

Of course there are some standard rules of play taking basic principles of usability and accessibility.

With this all in mind I am proud to say that I was the FIRST person ever to perform a large scale Taguchi experiment in a production environment in the UK.

That work took place as part of my induction as a sponsored graduate at Royal Ordnance Patricroft – the biggest consumer of electricity in the North West at the time.

The experiment was valued at ?200,000 involving the production of high quality cast iron for the defence industry for a product of strategic use to both the UK and US army at the time.

I then went on to undertake a research and development project using Taguchi methods documented within my thesis "Design Optimisation and the Application of Taguchi Methods to Shaped Charged Experiments".

Together with extensive search engine optimisation experience this allows one to undertake major conversion rate enhancment to a site without detriment to the source of traffic via SEO.

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